Thermal Imaging


 Learn about the helpful advantages of thermal imaging scans and how they can enhance your knowledge of otherwise hidden systems within your home.


What is an Infrared Thermal Imaging Inspection?



Infrared thermal imaging is a non-invasive technology that involves the use of infrared cameras to show key temperature changes around the house. Therefore, this technology identifies problem areas that are not visible to the naked eye.



This technology is extremely useful for the following purposes:


  • Water damage detection in walls, ceilings, and others – Detecting the temperature differences between a wet and the surrounding dry area helps locate moisture issues that would not be visible during a typical home inspection.
  • Plumbing inspections– Water leaks in the plumbing systems are often left unnoticed until large-scale issues occur. In hindsight, it helps to scan in and around the plumbing fixtures to determine any active leaks.
  • Wood destroying insect activity – Termite activity produces a great amount of heat energy. Therefore, the heat generated by active infestations can be easily detected using this technology.
  • Flat Roof inspections – Any leaks to the roof can be identified with thermal imaging. Call us for a Thermal Imaging Inspection first before you decide to get a new roof. In conclusion, we may detect the precise location of the roof leaks so proper actions can be taken to the affected area.
  • Electrical Inspections – Abnormal heating or excessive current flow can cause minor to major electrical hazards. Loose or dirty electrical connections can cause power outages, or worse, fires. Therefore, with thermal imaging, we can detect the hot spots and areas of anomalies so proper measures can be taken.


The common issues revealed during our thermal imaging inspections are:


  • Mold
  • Roof leaks
  • Faulty wiring and electrical hazards
  • Termite nests
  • Insulation inconsistency
  • Structural defects
  • Plumbing leaks


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